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Dollar for your thoughts:
South Shore kids rave
about Adams coin

GREG DERR/The Patriot Ledger
Connie Vandervort and daughters Jessica, 9, and Rebekah, 4, buy some John Adams dollar coins.+

“I’ve been to the (Adams) birthplace and because we live in Quincy, it’s neat that there was a president and now coins.”

“It’s amazing. (Adams) accomplished many great things. I’m glad the Mint had time to create (the coin).”

Jessica Vandervort, 9, Quincy
Alannah Bulger, 8, Montessori School
of Quincy

“It looks actually different from other coins. I think I’ll use them instead of dollar bills.”

“I’m going to buy a hot dog!”

Shawn Wallace, 9 of Atherton Hough
Nathan Peddie, 8 of Atherton Hough

“It’s really historical and it’s launched on my birthday!”

“It’s really historical and it’s launched on my birthday!”

Sienna Sewell, 9, Montessori School
of Quincy
Sienna Sewell, 9, Montessori School
of Quincy

“I’m putting one in my piggy bank and spending one on gum on the way home, or a Shirley Temple.”

“I’m going to keep one and use one for a canoli. I love canolis!”

Italia Colon, 9, Atherton Hough
Riley Driscoll, 8, Atherton Hough

“I’m going to buy baseball cards!”

“I feel really excited and I’m really happy to be here.”

Michael Munroe, 9 of Atherton Hough
Megan Fox, 9, Francis Parker

“I’m really happy because I have a really big coin collection!”


Katie To, 8, Francis Parker
Sierra Geer, 8, Montessori School of Quincy

“I’ll use it to go to the store.”

Yariela Lainez, 9 Atherton Hough