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Freshly pressed coins roll out at the U.S. Mint
GREG DERR/The Patriot Ledger
Freshly minted coins roll out.


Launch Day - May 22, 2007

7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Coin exchange event to reveal the new John Adams $1 Coin, in downtown Quincy, MA, near the “T” stop and City Hall.

10-10:30 a.m.: Speakers to include Director Edmund C. Moy of the United States Mint, Quincy Mayor William J. Phelan, and Peter Boylston Adams, descendent of President John Adams and Board of Trustees for the Adams Memorial Foundation.

Discounted tour offered: As a tribute to our second president, Peacefield, the Adams National Historic site, will offer tours all day Tuesday, May 22, for $1. The special discounted tour coincides with the U.S. Mint's formal release of the John Adams $1 coin in Quincy Tuesday morning.


Dear Quincy Business Representative,

Over the past several weeks, Mayor William J. Phelan and representatives from the Quincy Partnership, Quincy 2000 Collaborative, Discover Quincy, the Patriot Ledger and the Adams National Historical Park have been working closely with officials from the United States Mint regarding the opportunity to host the launch of the new John Adams Presidential $1 coin.

The John Adams $1 Coin marks the second of four Presidential $1 Coins to be released this year. Modeled after the United States Mint’s successful 50 State Quarters® Program, the Presidential $1 Coin Program features systematically rotating designs of former United States Presidents. The John Adams $1 Coins are legal tender and can be used for commerce and collecting.

We are pleased and excited to announce the United States Mint has selected Quincy as the site for the national launch of the new $1 coin, which will be released to the general public on Thursday, May 17. The United States Mint was impressed with our collective civic pride for our community and the Adams legacy.

We are currently working with the United States Mint to coordinate a series of launch events on the morning of Tuesday, May 22 in Quincy that will be showcased across the country. Of course, we will be sure to share additional details as soon as they become available.
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In addition to the launch event, the United States Mint has asked us to reach out to our larger business community to encourage all of you to support the John Adams $1 Coin by ordering, circulating and promoting the new $1 coin. As many of you know, this is the first time President John Adams has been honored with a regularly circulating coin or paper note, so we believe it’s a matter of civic pride to help ensure the success of this new $1 coin. The introduction of the coin offers an opportunity for local businesses to help drive traffic to their stores. Research commissioned by the United States Mint indicates that the Presidential $1 Coin will be widely popular, similar to the 50 State Quarters Program that has attracted 140 million collectors. If you are a bank, we encourage you to place pre-orders with the Federal Reserve to ensure that you can secure unmixed quantities of the John Adams $1 Coin to distribute to your customers. Banks can order the John Adam’s $1 Coin, unmixed with other dollar coins, starting on May 3. If you are a local merchant, please place orders for the John Adams $1 Coin with your banking partner so they will know how many coins to order. Of course, we encourage all of you to coordinate promotions around the new $1 coin.
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To support your efforts, the United States Mint has created a variety of free collateral materials, such as posters, coin boards and book marks, featuring the new John Adams $1 Coin that can be showcased in your businesses or distributed to your customers. You can order the free materials by visiting$1coin, or contact Quincy 2000 at (617) 847-1454. This national launch event is a great opportunity to showcase to the rest of the country our pride and heritage. We thank you in advance for your assistance and promise to send additional details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the John Adams $1 Coin, we invite you to contact any one of us or H. Patel, who is a communications consultant for the United States Mint at 312-988-2470 or


Mayor William J. Phelan, The City of Quincy
Dean Rizzo, Quincy 2000 Collaborative
Mark Carey, Discover Quincy
Ed Keohane, Quincy Partnership
Marianne Peak, Adams National Historical Park
Chazy Dowaliby, The Patriot Ledger


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