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National launch
of Adams dollar on May 22nd

Come to Quincy
and be a part of history


For the first time in since the birth of our republic, the likeness of John Adams, our second president, has been minted on U.S. currency.

See more at the US Mint

The public launch of the Adams dollar coin took place in Quincy, under the statue of our most famous son, on Tuesday morning May 22, 2007. Ceremonies in front of the statue of President Adams in Quincy Center, exchanges of the coin for paper dollars and participation in special Adams dollar day sales by retailers were all part of festivities.

State and local elected officials, representatives of the Adams family, the National Park Adams Historic site and well wishers from throughout the region will be joined for the launch by U.S. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy.

The event was sponsored by the U.S. Mint and:

The City of Quincy

Colonial Federal Bank, Quincy

Discover Quincy

National Park Service

The Patriot Ledger

The Quincy Partnership

Quincy 2000 Collaborative