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This original series ran: Nov. 23-26, 2002

DAY 1 - THE GREAT DEBATE: The prospects for legalized gambling have changed dramatically in recent months in the face of several converging factors, including a foundering state economy, the extraordinary success of two casinos in Connecticut and a more accommodating political landscape. Read more ...

DAY 1 - SOCIAL IMPACT: Officials worry over the small percentage who become addicted to gambling. Read more ...

DAY 1 - TAX IMPACT: If casino gambling is approved in Massachusetts, some of the most serious debate will center around the effects it would have on the Lottery, which is a critical source of revenue for cities and towns. Read more ...

DAY 2 - A STATE OF SEDUCTION: For many in this region, casino development is either an economic savior or a curse. It either provided thousands of jobs to a depressed economy or brought unskilled labor and a housing crunch to formerly secure areas. Read more ...

DAY 2 - DAY TRIPPING: For senior citizens, casinos are an outlet that draws them in by the busload. Read more ...

DAY 3 - RIVERS OF REVENUE: The state's troubled revenue stream and the success of casinos in Connecticut, might be enough to tilt the odds in favor of casino gambling in Massachusetts. Read more ...

DAY 3 - JOBS AND ECONOMIC IMPACT: A federal report warns that only larger casino resorts offer preferable jobs, and that businesses near the casinos may suffer. With timeline showing the road that casino gambling took to reach from Nevada to Massachusetts. Read more ...

Follow-ups to our original series:

Three-part follow-up Sept. 2-4, 2003:

Day 1 - Sept 2, 2003
Proponents of legalized gambling are ready to make a push for casinos in Mass.
Its stigma gone, gambling is enjoying broad support

Day 2 - Sept. 3, 2003
Indian casinos generate $14.5B a year
Early Biloxi foe has change of heart
Betting on games is so widespread
that it has blurred the way we view athletics, experts say

All bets are off: Mohegan Sun shuts down its poker room
Cahill bets more Keno will offset casino lure

Day 3 - Sept. 4, 2003
U.S. fights expansive world of E-betting

Young people fall under gambling’s spell / How to tell if your gambling is a problem

Supporters of legalized gambling in Massachusetts are now looking to the State Senate, 4-16-03
Racetracks, some legislators call slots bonanza; others call it a ‘handout’, 1-18-03
Lincoln Park’s transformation, 1-18-03
Casino interests quietly hedge their bets, 12/5/02
Gaming panel hears an earful, 12/4/02




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