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Project reporter:

Karen Eschbacher


June 14, 2006: Nearly a quarter of students say they have been targets of bullies

Day 1 — School Violence, May 20, 2006

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SCHOOL VIOLENCE: While South Shore schools are widely considered safe, especially when compared to more rough-and-tumble urban districts, hundreds of fights and other acts of violence take place at local schools each year.

DEALING WITH VIOLENCE: Whether it’s peer mediation, increased security or tough discipline policies, South Shore administrators say they use a host of approaches to curtail violence and keep kids safe at school.

OTHER CRIMES: From theft to vandalism, some of the other crimes that take place on school property.

OUR NUMBERS: Where we got the numbers and what they mean.

Day 2 — Drugs in Schools

DRUGS EVERYWHERE: From Quincy to Plymouth, drugs can be found on school campuses in nearly every community. And the numbers only tell part of the story.

DISCIPLINE: The punishments administrators mete out to keep schools safe and kids learning.


Town by town:
Crime in our schools
1.12MB PDF

Discipline in our schools 115KB PDF

Crime and Violence in Schools:
By Offense and by grade level

Schools ranked highest:
For fights, threats and weapons
For marijuana possession, sales or possession of drugs with iintent to sell or alcohol use

For a complete explanation of what schools must report to the Department of Education, click here for a Word document.