Day 1 

THE POLITICS: The state budget isn’t just a financial document, it’s the main vehicle for competing interests to debate state policy. Read more ...

 Day 2 

THE PROCESS: Putting a budget together is an art form, but not always a pretty picture. Read more ...

 Day 3 

THE DEBT: The state’s $16.5 billion debt is the second-largest in the nation and eats up one-tenth of the state budget. Read more ...

 Day 4 

THE SURPLUS: How we’ve blown through our rainy day account and how to replenish it. Read more ...

 Day 5 

THE NEXT DEBATE: The debate about what to do with the extra money now that the state is coming out of its latest recession. Read more ...


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Tom Benner
Tom Benner

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A special report
Published June 12-17, 2004