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Everyday Feminist

Rules of engagement
I suspect most women are not ready to give up the engagement ring thing. Do you want a down payment on a home or a rock on your finger?

Keeping my Tweets to myself
Women network. That's what we do. We connect every way we can. Yet, I continue to boycott any involvement with Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Go away; you won't regret it
Women have more freedom to travel than they ever have. We make our own money and can plot a trip in minutes via the Internet. We don’t need permission or chaperones.

We need to empower ourselves
Today, women are attaining political positions as well as entering higher-salaried positions in medicine, law and big business. Apparently, word has gotten out that we ladies can do anything we set our minds to.

That time of the month
There are so many periods of a woman’s life. Literally. Menstruation arrives during adolescence and lasts through decades ending with the grand finale called menopause.

Some birthdays give you pause
I had spent all of my adult years never telling people my age. Only recently had I ditched that old-fashioned practice and attempted the more modern day feminist approach of embracing my age and appreciating the unique and special process of whatever age you are. Talking the talk and attempting to walk the walk have been a challenge.

Blame the abuser, not yourself
I protected family and friends from the scary stories and my scary ex. I suffered alone, worried what people would think of me ... and even worried how he would be judged. Sounds crazy, but these are the real thoughts from a domestic abuse victim.

Little forms of activism
Everyday feminism is the practice of recognizing the obvious and pervasive gender inequalities and making an earnest effort to balance the scale.

Come ride the third wave of feminism
The first wave of feminism occured in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the second wave in the 1960s and 1970s. The third wave is happening now.

VD: Valentine's Day or venereal disease?
No one wants to talk about gonorrhea, genital herpes and HPV during a date. How do you bring it up over  dinner?

There's one in every family
Women often inherit the job of keeping relationships within families, as well as passing down the family history.

The party's over when you drink too much
Women get just as messed up as men when they drink too much.

Changing inside and out
The holidays and holy days are upon us. We find time to celebrate with friend and family. We drink liquid cholesterol under the guise of eggnog and eat things like mincemeat and fruitcake. Many of us overeat knowing what is to come. Diet plans. The set up for the let down: New years Resolutions.

Dreaming of a green Christmas
Women have the ability to make substantial environmental changes within our homes, community and world during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving served up feminist style
Many of us say we are blessed and grateful and appreciative for the many wonderful people in our lives. It is an obvious and expected sentiment when we are thankful for health, family and love.

When kids act out in public
Children’s restaurant meltdown gives this mom a case of indigestion.

Women voters, then and now
The suffragettes fought long and hard for the right to vote; women shouldn't take that right for granted.

Truly scary Halloween costumes
Too many Halloween costumes for women, and even young girls, border on the pornographic.

The importance of catching some Z's
Competition among women over who got the least amount of sleep is a demonstration of stereotypical martyrdom.

Sometimes, pregnant teens turn out just fine
Maybe the pregnancy wasn’t planned and the young ladies will certainly face challenges (as all parents do) adjusting to responsibilities as they morph from a single and solitary person into one who is a caregiver.

Matriarchs rule
 As the mother in the film ``My Big Fat Greek Wedding'' said: ``The men may be the head of the house but the women are the neck and they can turn the head any way they want.''

Back to school blues
I am experiencing separation anxiety. My children pose for a “first day of school picture” then head out the door looking forward to the new school year. I smile, bid them farewell and tell them to be confident and brave. The second they leave . . . I cry.

I stopped trying to fit in
My life did not turn out the way I had imagined it would when I was a young person … it turned out better than I ever could have imagined!

Ecofeminism 101
The environment is a feminist issue, too. Ecofeminism is when feminists get involved in environmentalism.

Child care can cost more than money
A woman is ready for a job. She is highly qualified.  But wait: she is also a mother. The woman has dilemma.

Getting a tan is beyond the pale
At some point it's time to leave behind the days of getting crispy in the sun and embrace not being tan, but being healthy.

All women deserve to be included in sisterhood
Many women are instantly bonded to other women under the universal sisterhood umbrella. Our "sistah friends'' are our colleagues, family and friends.

Women get lost in roles they play
Women often lose themselves in careers, marriage and motherhood.

Suburban sex is just as glamorous as city sex
‘Sex and the City,'' the television series and the movie, have provided women an entertainment venue that focuses on female characters, the issues they face, and the topics they discuss – especially sex.

Household chores should be shared
‘Share and share alike” is a great philosophy for a marriage. “What’s mine is yours” is another.

The serious firepower of women's words

Mrs. Obama, be proud of those dolls
It was reported that Michelle Obama was unhappy that  two Beanie Babies – Marvelous Malia and Sweet Sasha –  were named after her daughters.

Watch out, Snuggie-man
OK, this message is for you, Snuggie-man. Yeah, you - the man who put arms in a blanket and is sitting on an island in the South Pacific watching the waves and counting stacks of cash.

Gym vets, newbies can work it out
A veteran gym-goer offers advice to newbies who plan to stick to that New Year's resolution to get fit.

For holidays, give to those less fortunate
So, what are we buying each other for Christmas this year? Not a thing. And if you don’t get a present from us this year, know that the money we would have spent will be donated to those who really need it.

A million-dollar marriage
A little while back we had some fun with friends reading from one of those silly books about things a person would do for a million dollars. First of all, it was eye-opening (to the point of appalling) how different the male responses were from the females.

Do guys really hate being married?
The advice that many men give to other men when it comes to marriage is don't do it.

One woman, one mind, one vote
It’s time to set the record straight. I am tired of being misrepresented, misunderstood and mistaken for a ``female vote.'' Actually, I am an individual with my own opinions.

Reunion of old friends strengthens bonds
These were friends who had been through it all with you in one way or another: some holding your hair back as you rid your stomach of the last of the Tango, others to drive you home and tuck you in.  As years passed, some lost contact, but we always tried to be there for one another, offering comfort and support.

Breaking the grass ceiling: Landscaper takes pride in what she does
Even today, in a world of "equality," people are shocked, amazed, and sometimes at a loss for words when they hear that I am a landscaper.

A cup of kindness goes a long way
It’s amazing how good it feels when you do something unexpected for others, and it’s a wonderful feeling when someone you don’t know does something nice for you.

Mom's will to survive keeps her afloat
A woman who almost drowned shares her story so others can learn from her and not underestimate Mother Nature.

Family reaps rewards from gardening
Planting and caring for a garden as a family can strengthen bonds, be a lot of fun and save some money on groceries.

A fast way to cure food abuse
A weeklong fast just might be the way to stop buying, eating and wasting too much food.

Doing something new, just for kicks
Kids are always trying new things. Now itís our turn to get out there and do something that piques our interest.

Little white lies are part of being a mom
As a child, I compared my mother to other moms and now my kids are doing the same to me.

Moms are always learning on the job
Like every mother of youngsters, my laundry is three days behind.

‘Momma’ is best stage to grow through
I’m growing through even more enlightening stages: student to teacher; observer to writer; daughter to momma.

Avoiding sexist language
Becoming aware that you are an unwilling participant in sexism can be humbling, but it is an important step for challenging yourself to avoid sexist language.

Are you a cougar?
A “cougar” is a name for women in their 30s and 40s who pursue much-younger men.

Appreciate the inner beauty of older women
We all know that from the day we are born that we are aging. The challenge for women has been to age “gracefully,” as we reach higher-numbered birthdays.

Disconnect, drop out, take a real vacation
Do we really go on vacation? I’ve been thinking about this since my boss went on her vacation. She left town, but not without her blackberry.

Weighing in about women’s weight
Women are absolutely inundated daily with unrealistic body images from every media source.

A prom for all girls
I think about all the girls who cannot go to a prom or semi due to financial issues that prevent them from buying a $200 gown, $50 up-do and more for shoes and makeup.

Gal pals: There is a broad squad waiting for you
The structure of the broad squads is flexible and easily adaptable to new members, new conversations and new thoughts. The broad squad is also indestructibly strong as it supports its members and often others as well. Broad squads are everywhere.

No stopping until we reach the top
It’s time to look at March, “Women’s History Month” as more a celebration of our future: let’s call it “Women Making History Month.”

Women rise, shine to the occasion of feminism
From as far away as Panama City and as close to home as Quincy, women around the country have shared their thoughts on feminism. These are just a couple of many spirited, intelligent and insightful responses Dianne McDonald’s Feb. 26th column, “Many women have false image of feminism,” elicited.

Many women have false image of feminism
The “F” word? Many women do not feel comfortable saying it or relating to it ... let alone embracing it, claiming it and being proud of it.

A few pointers to keep baby, new parents happy
Even though being a parent is the most important job in the world, there’s little training offered for moms-and-dads-to-be.

Relationship happiness can be a chore thing
Would you believe mopping the floor is the secret ingredient to Happily Ever After?

Always leave light on for a friend
I’ve learned that having a light on can be the most comforting thing in the world.

‘Urban cougars’ relish in thrill of the hunt
I’m not half bad. Just ask the college frat boys who thought my friends and I were 29, after we took them to school playing beer pong in a New York City bar.

I can’t get dream men out of my head
I have a long-running joke with myself about men from my past. They started showing up in my dreams when I was expecting my first child, about seven years ago.

Girls need role model not in jail or rehab
It seems as though every public role model that girls look up to has become unworthy.

Saying 'yes' in a world full of 'no'
My sons requested and received a candy sandwich for lunch today. That's right, a candy sandwich.

There’s more to motherhood than just breastfeeding
I’m tired of hearing “breastfeeding is best.” After a while, it makes you feel unworthy of motherhood.

A call for courtesy
What’s so difficult about smiling at people? Or saying thank you?

The world is heavy, so lighten up
I've started thinking about the comments regarding Womynzone and I started wondering ... do we really need to be serious all of the time?

Comfort and joy - Searching for peace during the holiday season
It takes some hard work to find real solitude any time of year, away from our daily demands and stresses. But at holiday time, its even harder.

Sale away - Mother, daughter embrace shopping as holiday tradition
My mom can't wait for my high school reunion.