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Our Lead Stories

5/11/10: Author Ann Hood explores adoption, loss and love in her new novel
On a recent morning, author Ann Hood was still half asleep when her 6-year-old daughter Annabelle asked the kinds of questions that make each day fresh. “She’s the most curious kid,” Hood said. “My eyes weren’t even open and she asked me, ‘Who makes us?’ and ‘Why does hair grow?’”

5/4/10: Modern moms connect by writing and reading blogs
You’ve heard about the big event for moms this Thursday at South Shore Plaza and other malls across the state. Wondering whether Mom’s Nite Out will be fun, you go online and read what the mommy blogs have to say about it. “Every mama needs a night out from time to time, and next week (May 6) you can join in a national party with scores of moms across the country,” wrote Christine Koh in her blog Bostonmamas.com.

4/27/10: Women’s footwear from centuries ago paved way for future fashion
Flats, platforms, wedges and stilettos. Sandals, slippers, boots and clogs. Craftsmen and haute designers have been tweaking women’s footwear for centuries to reflect culture, politics and utility, but few have broken through with truly renegade reinventions.

4/20/10: Expert says the path to literacy starts with babies
Jean Ciborowski Fahey, a literacy expert, has dedicated her life to promoting reading readiness in young children and preventing the difficulties that can undermine their future academic success. She started The South Shore Hospital Reading Partnership 10 years ago and continues to educate local parents and children. She will lead the free workshop “Creating a Reader” April 28 at Pembroke Library.

4/13/10: Gaila Fund distributes stylish hats to women with cancer
The creation of the Gaila Fund is a story of what can happen when women get inspired to help a friend, and strangers donate money and skills to make life better for sick women.

4/6/10: Weymouth woman's line of clothing reflects ‘passion’ for Red Sox
The pale pink Red Sox T-shirts and hats always rubbed Jackye Colligan and some fellow die-hard fans the wrong way. Colligan was all for finding an alternative to the standard Major League Baseball merchandise, so she helped create a brand of clothes with the logo Soxology. 

3/30/10: FLOWER POWER: Fashion’s in bloom
Spring collections offer a bouquet of floral designs.

3/23/10: Nordstrom's next chapter about to begin
South Shore shoppers to become part of Nordstrom family when new store opens Friday in Braintree.

3/16/10: Pursuing her dream
Weymouth ceramics business provides healing in more ways than one.

3/9/10: Fashion meets philanthropy at Haiti fundraiser in Hingham
The windswept rain couldn’t keep throngs of South Shore women from getting into their skinny jeans. They packed into Maxime Salon in Hingham on Feb. 25 to attend “Get Into Your Skinny Jeans,” an evening of nutrition and fashion. All proceeds from the event went toward the Haiti relief efforts of Medicine for Humanity, a Rockland-based charity.

3/2/10: Smashing the glass ceiling at West Point
Gail O’Sullivan Dwyer tends to tell it like it is.  So she has a direct answer ready when asked why she wrote a book about attending West Point, titled “Tough as Nails.”

3/2/10: Quincy native Trina Aitken turns a new approach into an album
The lonely guitar introduction leads into a bluesy triple meter, and Trina Aitken gives voice to a breakup gone bad. Part rock, part soul, and with more than a hint of a jazz waltz, Aitken’s recently released signature song, “Sound of My Heartache,” is a sophisticated blend of carefully crafted instrumentation and searing, heartfelt vocals.

2/23/10: THE NAKED TRUTH: I saw the light in the dark underbelly of Boston
Roswell Angier, Jerry Berndt, and John Goodman’s work flows together in an exhibit titled, “Boston Combat Zone 1969-1978.” The frames offer unrelenting lonely moments, untamed and grimy, of a world and time I knew well.

2/16/10: Duxbury designer's fabric goes from home to Hollywood
To date, barkcloth from Full Swing Textiles has been used in “L.A. Confidential,” “Quiz Show,” “Mambo Kings,” “Mississippi Burning,” “Malcolm X,” among others. It can also be seen in hotels, nightclubs, casinos and restaurants around the world. At Mesa Grill, celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s flagship restaurant in New York City.

2/09/10: Giving new life to a job search.
At one point in her career, Chris Driscoll O’Neill went nearly 18 months between jobs. That period of constant search and rejection did a number on her sense of self-worth, and she often found herself drawn to the ocean, where she would pray.

2/02/10: Quincy woman's niche is a jewel.
Quincy woman lets you shop  like the rich at her Boston store, which sells replicas of celebrities’ jewelry.

1/26/10: Scituate mom gets big part in major motion picture.
In about the time it takes to become a mother, Erica McDermott went from her Scituate stage debut in a comedy about motherhood to a major role in a movie alongside stars Amy Adams, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.

1/19/10: Kids building better behavior and self-esteem, one karate kick at a time.
Experience fueled Robyn Silverman's passion for helping children build the character traits necessary to help them navigate some of the difficult social and emotional hurdles most of them are bound to face, including bullying.

1/12/10: Norwell woman's career path led to lifestyle TV show.
Teri Stanley, 50, of Norwell,CEO, creator and segment host of “Style Boston,” a new fashion and lifestyle program on NECN,  said she is thankful she took the scenic route to her dream job.

1/05/10: Looking forward to 2010.
The new year has the potential to be a time of regrouping with moderate changes in the way we live, dress, eat, work and are entertained.

12/29/09: For women, 21st century progress is all in a decade’s work.
From politics to sports to law enforcement, women are more commonly being found in positions once held only by males.

12/22/09: The most talked-about women in 2009.
Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Sonia Sotomayor topped the list of  the most talked-about women of 2009.

12/15/09: TEXTUAL INFIDELITY: The Tiger Woods scandal has sent a message to wives and girlfriends .
All the latest techno-gadgets we now depend on – voicemail, e-mail, texts – have created new ways of keeping in close contact, and in some cases new ways of searching for evidence of a person’s indiscretions.

12/8/09: Moms-to-be hiring baby planners to help pre-baby .
The budding industry baby planners helps with services that range from nursery planning and home baby proofing to baby shower planning and shopping for maternity clothes.

12/1/09: Web-based consignment boutique supports local charities.
Customers of Tra Tutti, a new Web-based consignment business launched in April by Sharon native Ashley Judge, will find designer labels such as Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture and Chanel at the site.

11/24/09: New mammogram recommendations stir strong reaction.
From political skepticism and sexism to anger and frustration, recent findings by a government task force about mammograms has stirred a strong reaction in our community.

11/17/09: Teens and 'twi-moms' have 'Twilight' in common.
Written originally as a young adult novel, “Twilight” and its three sequels have fast exceeded the generation gap, and women (and more than a few men) of all ages have become devoted fans.

11/10/09: Pembroke woman creates beautiful basketsr.
Susan Taylor-Blauuw been fascinated with basket-weaving since she first tried her hand in the 1980s.

11/3/09: Pieces are falling into place for Quincy puzzle maker.
Sandy Miller was a college student in 1967 when she created the small round jigsaw puzzles known as Thingies, which have become collectors items. Miller has designed a new series of Thingies, available at her shop, Earthly Possessions Antiques and Women’s Clothing in Milton.

10/27/09: Trend of sexy Halloween costumes for young girls is downright frightening, say moms.
While racy Halloween costumes are nothing new, these costumes are for young girls, and many of them are available starting in size 4T.

10/20/09: Program offers cosmetic tips to lift spirits of cancer patients.
The 20-year-old Look Good ... Feel Better campaign, sponsored by the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, offers tips from 14,000 makeup and hair professionals from across the country on all things cosmetic for cancer patients. It's free.

10/13/09: Marylou's founder's leap of faith led to booming franchise.
Marylou Sandry has seen her Marylou's Coffee Shop expande to 22 outlets on the South Shore over the past 22 years.

10/6/09: Shop around to join Breast Cancer.
In October, many South Shore shoppers make an extra effort to buy products that support breast cancer research, treatment and education, from can openers to wedding gowns.

9/29/09: Hanson brings back 1950's chic.
Tara Masterson, owner of Cruella DeVille's Boutique In Hanson brings back 1950's fashion.

9/22/09: After abuse, training gives Quincy woman a new lift.
Sandy Burrill of Quincy, has inspired many by overcoming domestic abuse.

9/15/09: Gridiron workshop helps women level the playing Field.
129 women attended a football fundraiser to learn more about football from New England Patriots players.

9/8/09: Hingham designer hosts shopping fundraiser.
Glamorous merchandise at bargain prices will be on sale at Designer Consignor with all proceeds going to Dana-Faber Cancer Institute.

9/1/09:Women count on each other for support and advice.
At the end of a rough day, women know they can rely on their friends in order to feel more assured and less overwhelmed.

8/25/09: Parents struggle to refocus their lives with kids off to college
Parents are struggling to leave their children at college and refocusing their lives in an empty house.

8/18/09: Author finds mid-life magic
Scituate's Claire Cook made a mid-life career change which resulted in five best sellers, one film, and a date with the Today show.

8/11/09: More woman abusing booze
Women in the U.S. are drinking more, and drunken-driving arrests among women are rising rapidly while falling among men.

8/4/09: Plus-size consignment shop opens
The Shrinking Closet in  Avon, which opened Aug. 1,  is the first  consignment store in  Massachusetts to sell  exclusively plus-size women’s  fashions, size 12 to 34.

7/28/09: LITTLE STEPS big strides
Scituate moms provide opportunities for children with developmental disabilities.

7/21/09: Local woman is on the wellness watch
Abington’s Sarah Slattery – our newest columnist – wants to get you fit and well.

7/21/09: Skin care goes green
Brenda Brock heads up Farmaesthetics, a popular line of green skin care products, a venture that began in her kitchen.

7/14/09: Weymouth mom's friends, family honor her in 60-mile breast cancer walk
Joan Shea has worn through three pairs of walking shoes training for a 60-mile walk in memory of Suzanne Leary Ames.

7/7/09: Beauty and the beach
If sun worshippers don't prepare, they risk damaged skin, brittle hair and unattractive makeup. And that can ruin even the best day at the beach.

6/30/09: Gluten-free baking
Two local bakeries step up to the plate with original baking mixes and custom cakes for people with food allergies and digestive ailments.

6/23/09: Hollywood comes to Canton: Actress stays close to home
Actor Cindy Lentol is an independent contractor, living where she chooses – Canton – and running her own career, from a leading role in a 15-minute short to a small part in the multimillion-dollar “The Departed,” alongside such A-list actors as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg.

6/16/09: Daughters find support and inspiration from their dads
From young adults to grandmothers, women cherish their fathers in many ways. We asked a variety of women to reflect on their relationships with their dads.

6/9/09: Romance is a recession-proof genre - 91-year-old novelist publishes 13th book
Riley, a retired psychiatric nurse, just published her 13th romance novel featuring African-American characters.

6/2/09: Quincy chocolate maker wows Martha Stewart with creation
Quincy is renowned as the birthplace of two presidents. But soon it will also be known as the birthplace of P2C2, a sweet-salty, crunchy-chewy chocolate bark created by local chocolatier Christina Bartkus.

5/26/09: Blogger-turned-cookbook author serves up a heaping helping of healthy eating
Lisa Lillien, the woman behind the Hungry-Girl.com phenomenon, is a cooking whiz, “not a nutritionist” she says, who has a knack for trading full-fat recipe ingredients for things such as Splenda, Cool Whip Free, egg substitute and sugar-free syrups to whip up sweets and drinks.

5/19/09: Personal trainer encourages cancer patients, survivors
Breast cancer survivor, Darlene Maggio of Quincy, sought out a cancer exercise specialist, which is a new specialty certification for fitness professionals. She found Laury Hale at Fitness Unlimited in Milton.

5/12/09: Women's chorus sings love songs to offer hope in hard times
“The songs are an antidote to hopelessness,” said Lynne Wilkinson, music director of Persephone's Daughters. The concert, “Day & Night: The Love Songs of George Gershwin, Jerome Kern and Cole Porter,” will be at 3 p.m. on Sunday in Plymouth.

5/12/09: Woodward School for Girls in Quincy honors two 'great contributors to the South Shore'
Attorney Katherine Hesse and Marianne Peak, superintendent of Adams National Historic Park, received the school’s Women of Distinction Award at a ceremony and dinner last week at Granite Links Golf Club.

5/5/09: Give mom an experience she'll remember
If you really want to let mom know how much she means to you, let her leave behind the brood and broom and encourage her to do something she ’ll fondly remember during the rest of the busy year. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for moms whatever their interests – some for events this weekend with and without kids, others for future weeks.

4/28/09: Sacrifice and commitment make 55-year-old Carver mom a winning bodybuilder
It was 1 a.m., about five hours before Elizabeth Rohde had to rise to prepare for her latest bodybuilding competition. The 55-year-old mother of two was fixated on how she would appear to judges, themselves veterans of the bodybuilding world, as they scrutinize every detail of her carefully-honed physique.

4/14/09: Hingham author hits home run with book on baseball song
Amy Whorf McGuiggan has a passion for baseball. Her love for the sport and her curiosity about the origin of the catchy tune “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” led her to write a book about how the song became a time-honored tradition.

4/14/09: South Shore group offers support and friendship to moms of twins, triplets and more
Scituate-based Seaside Mothers of Multiples offers support beyond monthly meetings. New members are immediately partnered with someone of similar circumstances – twins, triplets or adoption.

3/24/09: With one click photographer Daphne Nichols turns fantasy into reality
Daphne Weld Nichols is a photographer whose goal is more ambitious than simply taking flattering pictures of her clients. She was a traditional portrait photographer when she started her business in Wollaston in the late ’70s. But Nichols recalled: “I had an epiphany one day. A client asked if it would be all right if she dropped the strap of her dress. I told her I loved the idea.”

3/24/09: Weymouth mother of seven finds time to train, raise funds for her 7th Boston Marathon
Mae Connolly, marathon runner and Weymouth mother of seven, is used to the question, "How do you do it?''  Training to run her seventh Boston Marathon, Connolly, 46, shrugs off the "how'' and prefers to talk about the "why.'' That’s especially true this year because she is running to raise money for the organization Bottom Line, which helps disadvantaged Boston and Worcester students apply to and complete college.

3/17/09: Braintree dance instructor passing on prom dresses - and lessons in philanthropy
Melissa Kelley Clark remembers how it felt. Now a mother and business owner, with a few years between her and her high school days, she hasn’t forgotten the thrill of slipping on the dress, stepping into the shoes, fastening the accessories and making that rite of passage that is the high school prom. It was a desire to make this kind of cherished recollection possible for others that has turned her Washington Street studio into an impromptu closet.

3/10/09: Arts advocate works to expand the North River Arts Society
Ginny Glickman, 91, heads  the campaign to make space for more artists and classes at the North River Arts Society.

3/3/09: Shopaholics find deals too sweet
Mental health professionals say bargains make it hard for true shopping addicts to change their spending habits.

2/24/09: Weymouth's Purdy-Quinlan casts her net wide
Jodi Purdy-Quinlan, 47, of Weymouth, is the go-to person when casting companies and directors need extras for films shot in Boston and beyond.

2/17/09: Forty-four year old Oscar party still a night of fun for Hingham woman and her friends
Hingham woman brings Hollywood home as she hosts an Oscar party for the 44th year

2/10/09: What women crave for Valentine’s Day
If you want to get to the heart of what women really want, think simple: A home-cooked meal. A quiet night with a movie rental. A single flower. A handwritten note.

2/3/09: EYE CANDY: Creams and serums help aging eyes
First impressions start at the eyes – they’re what sparkle when you smile. There’s a price for that, though: The skin around the eyes isn’t particularly well-equipped for all that attention (or the lines that are a side effect of smiling). The skin is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face, and aging leads to a loss around the eyes of collagen and elastin, which are like the springs that move skin back into shape.

1/27/09: Salon owner strikes balance by moving business into her Abington home
The salon is buzzing with lively chatter on a Saturday morning. The air smells of hair products. Foils are ruffling in the background. But this is no chi-chi salon. Run out of the basement of Gayle Cronin’s Abington home, Studio 23 is more “Steel Magnolias” than Newbury Street.

1/20/09: Photographer's work focused on women in Afghanistan
Paula Lerner, a freelance photographer who traveled to Afghanistan four times between 2005 and 2007 to photograph women there, has photos on exhibit at Notre Dame Academy in Hingham through Jan. 30.

1/13/09: Canton woman teaches balance through health, nutrition and counseling
Betsy Cohen, founder of Whole Health for Women,   is part life coach, part nutritionist, part counselor, all in the name of striking that elusive balance in life.

1/06/09: Quincy's Spring Sirkin has found success on the Great White Way
Sirkin founded Chamber Theatre 30 years ago to bring literature to life for schoolchildren, and went on to a career as a successful Broadway producer.

12/23/08: What's new in 2009?
Were you paying attention this year? To the election? To the Olympics? To the recession? If you were, you might have some insight into trends for 2009. That’s when these big stories will play out in everyday life.

12/9/08: Music therapist brings harmony to disabled children and adults
For the past four years, certified music therapist Eve Montague  has been  using song and sound to open the world to disabled individuals at the Duxbury campus of the South Shore Conservatory.

12/2/08: For Michelle Obama, great expectations
Sure, there’s plenty of pressure on Barack Obama. But imagine being his wife.

11/25/08: Social work professor from Hingham helps couples cope with breast cancer
Hingham professor develops therapeutic program to help couples cope with breast cancer here and around the world.

11/18/08: Women find friendship at local gym
Women lose weight, gain friends at women-only gym.

11/11/08: 'MOMologues' show helps moms find the funny
Hear sympathetic and comedic tales of motherhood Friday night at Scituate High School.

11/4/08: Women and politics: We've come a long way
Voters could elect the first female vice president today.  Sure, Sarah Palin has attracted a ton of attention, but she’s only part of a growing group of women in American politics.

10/28/08: Headhunter helps mom find jobs
Mom Corps is a staffing agency that specializes in finding  flexible, family-friendly work settings for stay-at-home moms.

10/21/08: Filmmaker's documentary reveals strength that can arise from devastation
"Beyond Belief" is Beth Murphy's film about American and Afghani women who have lost their husbands to violence and hate.

10/14/08: All-women crew building Habitat house in Hingham
A 1,200-square foot home in Hingham is one of two female-driven Habitat projects  under way on the South Shore. Another house, in Kingston, is part of Habitat’s Women Build initiative, and is being erected by the Greater Plymouth Habitat for Humanity.

10/7/08: OCTOBER: The month to buy pink
Manufacturers and retailers are contributing a portion of their sales of designated products this month to organizations supporting breast cancer awareness, research and programs for women undergoing treatment.

9/30/08: Wardrobe wizards
When Catherine Dyroff of Duxbury shops for clothes, it’s in a basement – but not the sort you’d associate with discount prices and bins of sweaters, pants and tops.

9/23/08: Women feed their souls at annual retreat
The Haven for Healing Mind, Body & Soul Eighth Annual Retreat for Women at Camp Kiwanee in Hanson is designed as a one-day getaway where women can pamper themselves by attending a variety of wellness workshops.

9/16/08: The Emmy-nominated show 'Mad Men' maddens and fascinates women
 With philandering husbands and rampant workplace harassment, ‘Mad Men’ has today’s women examining how far they’ve come.

9/09/08: Writer reveals struggle with chronic illness
After spending the first two decades of her life enduring multiple hospitalizations but receiving no definitive answers, Edwards was finally diagnosed with several diseases, including primary ciliary dyskinesia, a rare, cystic fibrosis-like genetic respiratory disorder. But it was not until it came time to turn in an idea during a master's program at Emerson that she turned to a familiar topic - her life with chronic illness.

9/02/08: Norwell mother and executive dreams big and helps others reach their goals
Norwell mother and executive came to Massachusetts from Barbados and keeps alive the American dream for herself and for others.

8/26/08: Back-to-school shopping with a teenaged daughter can be a snap
Sydney Carey of Hingham started SOS – Shopping, Organizing, Service – several years ago to help women organize their closets, their wardrobes and their lives. When a client asked her to help out with her teenage daughter, Carey found herself busy with girls who wanted to shop for back-to-school clothes.

8/19/08: South Shore screenwriters looking for happy ending at Feel Good Film Fest
A screenplay written by two South Shore women  has been chosen as a finalist at the Feel Good Film Festival, a festival devoted to movies  that make a positive and uplifting contribution to the world. The festival takes place later this month in Hollywood.

8/12/08: Sex Talk: Certified sex therapist offers advice on Marshfield radio show
Dr. Julie A. Johnson is the South Shore’s own Dr. Ruth. Like the popular Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Johnson is a certified sex therapist who hosts a radio show, “Sexually Speaking,” on WATD-FM in Marshfield. She co-hosts the 30-minute show at 6:30 p.m. Sundays with Beth Kelley.

8/5/08: To serve, to protect
and Women who answer the call
In Southeastern Massachusetts, women have taken on public safety roles, leading and protecting our communities, patrolling our streets and highways, responding to fire emergencies, managing our harbors and guarding inmates. But while women in such jobs have come a long way, there is still a ways to go, according to local experts.

7/29/08: Finding her focus
Women's rights filmmaker Liane Brandon, one of the first independent women filmmakers has been awarded grants from the Women's Film Preservation Fund to restore two films she made in 1971 and 1972, while a teacher at North Quincy High School.

7/22/08: Pack your manners when you go to the beach
A little etiquette goes a long way at the beach. Have fun, but don’t treat it like your private playground.

7/15/08: Abington artist explores women's roles with humor
Artist Candice Smith Corby expores women’s roles in an exhibit at Brandeis University and balances many roles in her own life.

7/8/08: Norwell gym is health haven for mothers
Mamas Move, a new fitness and wellness center in Norwell caters to new, expectant and veteran moms and their kids.

7/1/08: Work of quilter and illustrator meet at Duxbury Art Complex show
Joan Paley's children's book illustrations inspired her friend Alice Means to create a quilt and now the two are exhibiting some of their creations at the Duxbury Art Complex.

6/24/08: Sisters run a successful spa and still remain close
Karen and Tinamarie Lungari are not just business partners. They’re also sisters, which might explain why they don’t go more than an hour without talking to each other.

6/17/08: Scituate author Claire Cook spins a fresh tale of love and lipstick in latest novel ‘Summer Blowout’
Claire Cook publishes a new novel and fans find she is as fun to be around as it is to read about her characters.

6/10/08: Tour group caters to women who want to travel
Wacky Women Wanderers are a local travel group that inspires women to experience exciting destinations they might never see on their own.

6/3/08: Homeless children get academic help from volunteer tutors
Tutors help children in homeless shelters thanks to a program started by Easton resident Cheryl Opper.

5/27/08: Cosmos anyone? They put the 'X' in Sex
So high is the anticipation for Friday’s release of “Sex and the City” that one of Stephanie Atkinson’s friends sent out a formal e-vite to a group of gal pals to save the date.

5/20/08: Faithful female fans help fill Fenway game after game
Kathy Boluch’s conversations about the Red Sox with her mother and sister include discussions about the players’ facial hair and spitting habits.

5/13/08: Scholar says maternity leave benefits ‘not expanding’ or ‘worsening’
"They’re not expanding, and they’re worsening in some cases,'' said Linzy Brekke-Aloise, a women’s history professor at Stonehill College.

5/6/08: Though they’re fictional, TV’s moms reflect changing roles of motherhood
“I think times have changed. I don’t think that most people want to be June Cleaver anymore.”

4/29/08: Fundraiser fights breast cancer with desserts
When Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer takes place May 5-11, more than 160 restaurants and bakeries will sell a special dessert and donate all the proceeds to breast cancer research and trials at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

4/22/08: Women are chipping into the poker craze
In a game predominately played by men, an increasing number of women are ponying up to the tables with aces up their sleeves.

4/15/08: South Shore female motorcycle club lets the good times roll
The next time you see biker dudes rumbling down a South Shore highway, be sure to look twice. They may be biker dudettes.

4/08/08: Bridal gowns take another spin down the aisle
“I said, ‘What am I ever going to do with this dress that I spent all this money on?’ I figured when everyone had one I should have a party,” Goodman said.

4/01/08: Mount Kilimanjaro is the latest summit a Holbrook woman has conquered
“Beautiful, oh, beautiful,” said Lashley of Holbrook, about her view from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. “It was everything I hoped for and more.”

3/25/08: Salon owner offers the right TLC for those who’ve experienced the trauma of hair loss
“Most people really and truly want to look like themselves,” Wrixon, 66, said. “I have a really good friend with a beautiful blond wig and people are always saying to her, ‘I love your hair. Who colors your hair?"

3/18/08: Clubs offer stress-reducing support and fun for mothers
Today, with many mothers working full-time and fewer close-knit neighborhoods, women find mothers’ groups like Mom’s Coffee Break to be a new way to connect with each other.

3/11/08: Celebrate Women’s History month with a look at historic South Shore figures
"Remember the ladies,” wrote Abigail Adams in a famous letter to her husband, John, a delegate from Massachusetts to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

3/4/08: Casting call brings out aspiring models
Tiera and Tatiana practiced their runway walk regularly in preparation for an audition to be on the television show “America’s Next Top Model.”

2/26/08: Don’t just dump your stuff - Freecycle it
When Debra Betz wanted to get rid of the outdoor play set her children had outgrown, she turned to Freecycle.org - an online swap site where people exchange items for free.

2/19/08: Fashion food facials fitness and finances all under one roof at upcoming Expo
Life coach Susan McIntosh works with people - many of them entrepreneurial women - who aren’t satisfied with their work, yet need help figuring out what to do next and the steps necessary to get there.

2/12/08: Be your own Cupid this Valentine’s Day
They say misery loves company, so if you’re single on Valentine’s Day take solace knowing that there are 89 million other Americans just like you.

2/05/08: Radio host Jeanne White ‘promotes businesses and causes’ on WATD in Marshfield
“It’s inspirational to hear what people are doing, and Jeanne gives people this opportunity to be heard ... and give people that exposure and encouragement.”

1/29/08: Catch Shakespeare’s great heroines all on one stage
The show recreates the voices and styles of famous Shakespearean actresses in the roles of some his greatest women characters.

1/22/08: Killer hair color paints your whole world bright
You won’t find too many mothers-to-be in their hair stylist’s chair the day before they are scheduled to give birth.

1/15/08: Mom authors relate publishing a book to giving birth
Kathryn Mahoney says she “couldn’t stop grinning for about a month after delivery!”

1/8/08: Scituate native draws from real-life experiences in latest book
Many of us dream of quitting our jobs and selling our houses on a whim, maybe taking off to an exotic country in hopes of escaping the real world with its endless mortgage payments, work hassles and winter doldrums. Few of us, however, follow through on that dream.

12/18/07: Holiday fashions get fancy and bring sheer joy
Fashion is never so glamorous as during the holidays.

12/11/07: A generation of women find wheel camaraderie in roller derby
The fleet skater hits stride before she's flattened by an opponent's well-timed shoulder and elbow.

12/04/07: Being a soldier makes her a better teacher
When Elizabeth Burnham talks about her service in Iraq, she surprises most people with positive stories of rebuilding and goodwill.

11/27/07: Holiday helpers keep children busy elfing around
Lisa Huckemeyer wanted to give her children a unique holiday experience – something fun, interactive, and with a bit more wow-factor than an Advent calendar.

11/20/07: Strategies for surviving one of the most popular shopping days of the year – the day after Thanksgiving
It’s become tradition. Every Thanksgiving evening after the turkey is polished off and the plates are cleared, Cathy DiCecca sits down for tea and pumpkin pie with her oldest daughter Marissa, and the two women huddle over newspaper fliers as they make some very important decisions: Where will they start shopping when they hit the stores at 4 a.m. the next day, and what do they have to have?