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Lisa Huckemeyer wanted to give her children a unique holiday experience – something fun, interactive, and with a bit more wow-factor than an Advent calendar.

That was the genesis for Elfing Around. She created plush stuffed elves that became special friends for her two boys during the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

Fast-forward a couple of years and what started as a holiday game with her kids is now a full-fledged home business in California.

It took off because it’s a fun way for parents to share the joy and anticipation of Christmas with their kids, Huckemeyer said. Parents create a series of adventure and playtime scenarios for the elves while the child is asleep. The elves are geared toward children ages 3 to 9.

Photo courtesy of elfingaround.com

“We were looking for something special and memorable for our kids during the busy Christmas season – a new, kid-friendly family tradition,” said Huckemeyer.

The elves are available in boy and girl models – and you can choose your elves’ names at the Web site, www.elfingaround.com. Each 12-inch, pose-able plush elf comes with an Adventure Guide Book for parents.

“The Adventure Guide gives parents ideas regarding what to do with the elf each night,” Huckemeyer said.

For example, the kids might awake one morning and find the elves parked in front of their favorite movie, munching on popcorn. Or, perhaps, the elves may be playing hide and seek and are waiting for your child to find them.

“They’re always playful and they are never harmful,” Huckemeyer said, adding the guidebook includes postcards with messages that can be left for the children after each nightly adventure.

Each elf arrives with a personalized letter from Santa, announcing the arrival of the child’s elf friend. The package is available for $29.99 at www.elfingaround.com.

By Dana Barbuto

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