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Brockton police union holds press conference to back Harrington
They're not calling it an endorsement, but about 20 police officers, including the union leadership, held a press conference Monday on Legion Parkway in support of Mayor James E. Harrington, who is running for re-election. Oct. 9

Candidates plan to hit videotape
In the coming days, James Harrington and Jass Stewart will be watching a bit more television. The two mayoral candidates plan to review the video of the debates from the preliminary election campaign to see where they did well and where they need to improve. Oct. 7

Governor meets with law enforcement leaders in Brockton
Gov. Deval Patrick pledged Thursday to help police deal with gun-toting criminals by putting more cops on the streets as well as other ways to deter crime. Oct. 1

OUR VIEW: Harrington moves quickly to defuse issue
If Mayor James Harrington had not acted quickly in suspending one of his top aides for making disparaging comments about Harrington's opponent in the mayoral election, it would have sent the message that Brockton is tolerant of hatred and bigotry. Sept. 28

Intended or not, challenger's sexuality becomes a campaign issue
After a resident complained about a photo being circulated of Jass Stewart kissing his partner on their wedding day, several people said they have witnessed a campaign to make Stewart’s sexuality an issue in his campaign for mayor.

Kiss ignites campaign tiff
Challenger Jass Stewart, who is gay, says a mayor’s aide is circulating a photo of his wedding kiss.

LETTER: Does big picture mean big endorsement?
Photo display an 'outrageous' show of favoritism

Experts predict tight race
The preliminary brought out 19.5 percent of the city’s voters, nearly double than what was predicted. Mayor James Harrington received 44 percent of the vote, just 1 percent more than Jass Stewart. Experts predict a tight race and a 40 percent turnout on Nov. 6. Sept. 23

EDITORIAL: Healthy voter turnout good news for city
This rematch between James Harrington and Jass Stewart will feature many of the same issues as it did the first time, with the focus on crime, education and the economy. If people are indeed better off than they were two years ago, that is good news for the mayor. If people feel the city has regressed during that time, Stewart may be able to overcome the 12 percent margin he lost by in 2005. Sept. 20

It's Harrington and Stewart again
Voters on Tuesday secured a rematch of Jass Stewart and Mayor James Harrington in November. Sept. 19

Win or lose, mayor's race is making history
Local officials predict a turnout of 10 to 12 percent. The preliminary election offers the most diverse choice of candidates in the city's history. Sept. 16

PROFILE / Kelley: Driven by her causes
Gayle Kelley says she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

PROFILE / Stewart: Sincere, passionate
In his second bid for mayor, Jass Stewart is aiming to tackle city problems head on in that position.

PROFILE / Harrington: Steady, sensible
As mayor, James Harrington extols the virtues of the city as an affordable and family-friendly alternative to Boston. “We didn't forget where we came from,” he says. “I want to try to give young families the same chance I did.”

Candidates spend Sunday plotting strategy
Jass Stewart, Gayle Kelley and James Harrington began their final push Sunday for Tuesday’s vote.

Mayor boasts top funding totals
Jass Stewart raised the most money of the three candidates for mayor since January, but incumbent James Harrington had a head start. Sept. 14

Kelley stands by controversial comments alleging police corruption
Gayle Kelley said her claim of corruption within the Police Department did what she intended it to do. Sept. 14

LETTER / What was she thinking?
I read and re-read the article on the front page of Sept. 13, Enterprise, entitled ``Gayle Kelley: Cops on the take'' My first response was ``What was she thinking?'' Sept. 14

Kelley slams city police
Candidate alleges wrongdoing by police.

Stewart mortgages house for mayoral run
Mayoral candidate Jass Stewart has taken out a $78,000 mortgage to use as a line of credit for his campaign.

What they're saying
A sampling of voices from the campaign trail. Mayoral candidates head to Web
YouTube and e-mail blasts are becoming the norm on the mayoral campaign trail.

OPINION / Thumbs down
Thumbs down to Mayor James Harrington and mayoral candidate Gayle Kelley, for their poor responses in Thursday night's debate to the city's drug problem.

Brockton mayor defends record in debate VIDEO
The two mayoral challengers Thursday accused Mayor James Harrington of being an elusive and ineffective leader, targeting the incumbent in the only debate before the preliminary election. Harrington, in turn, charged candidates Jass Stewart and Gayle Kelley with lacking the experience needed for the job. Sept. 7

Kelley responds to leak of past financial trouble
An apparent smear tactic against mayoral candidate Gayle Kelley exposed bankruptcy filings from her previous marriage. Sept. 4

Mayoral hopefuls look forward to campaign's first and last debate
Three scheduled debates for the candidates for mayor have been canceled, but they are scheduled to meet tonight for the only time before the Sept. 18 preliminary election. Aug. 28

Ward 6 City Council candidate drops out of race
Marianne Dodero has dropped out of the race for city council in Ward 6 because of her job as an assistant chief court officer. Aug. 21

Mayor hopefuls critical of police chief's absence
BROCKTON As the community copes with violence that has claimed four victims in five days, some are wondering where the city leaders are. Aug. 17

Two launch bid for councilor-at-large
Councilor Todd Petti is seeking re-election to a seventh term and Michael Shanks, a black who ran for office three times in the 1990s, is also in the race. July 26

3 candidates for mayor among 19 taking out nomination papers
Mayor James Harrington Jr., 2005 mayoral candidate Jass Stewart and Gayle Kelley, the city's former cultural affairs director, have picked up their nomination papers to run for mayor. Another 19 potential candidates have emerged for other offices. July 10

Minichiello launches Brockton campaign
Thomas J. Minichiello Jr. is preparing to run against long-term school committee member Maurice Hancock in Ward 1. June 2

Mayor criticized for low profile on power plant
Mayor James Harrington has come under fire for keeping a low profile over controversial power plant plans. May 25

Minorities still lag in politics and jobs
Although their population is soaring, minorities are underrepresented in the city's political offices and on municipal work forces. Feb. 17

Stewart to make it official, will run
Jass Stewart has added what he feels is the winning element to the five-point plan he touted as a mayoral candidate in 2005. Stewart plans to announce his candidacy for the 2007 mayoral race on Saturday. Feb. 7.

Balzotti to seek sixth council term
Councilor-at-large Linda M. Balzotti is seeking a sixth term on the City Council. Feb. 5

Mayoral candidates ante up for fall race
The same candidates are expected to battle for the corner office at City Hall as in 2005, and while that race was close, the money raised so far for this fall's election is not. Jan. 24

Brockton mayor promises to “attack the quality-of-life issues affecting our city”
Mayor James Harrington addressed this year's anticipated budget shortfall, activities for city youth, the construction of two schools and crime in his State of the City address Monday. Jan. 23

Bill comes due for free ride
BROCKTON The city's mayor spent a day on a 100-foot yacht owned by the founder of D'Angelo's sub shops while vacationing in St. Martin two weeks ago, but says he'll pay for the trip.  Jan. 15,

Stewart ready for another campaign
The city's first black, openly gay candidate for mayor made a strong showing in 2005, but lost to political insider James Harrington. Now Jass Stewart hopes to build on the support generated during that campaign and move forward toward the 2007 election. Jan. 12


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