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Koch wins in upset
Thomas P. Koch ended the most expensive mayoral race in Quincy history by defeating incumbent William Phelan by 2,000 votes. Nov. 6

Candidates keep their cool: Quincy mayor, challenger strike cordial tone in final debate before Tuesday’s election (Video in story)
Mayor William Phelan wants to ‘‘continue to build on the accomplishments’’ of his administration. His challenger, Tom Koch, wants to end ‘‘six years of failed leadership.’’

Furious campaign spending: Koch and Phelan draw funding from widely different arenas
On his birthday in January, Thomas Koch’s sister cut him his first $500 campaign check. The next day he resigned as park commissioner to run for mayor. Nov. 2

Where to vote in Quincy, Braintree and Weymouth
Information about voting locations. Nov. 2

Quincy Election: Who's running
Nov. 2

Friends say campaign tone not a reflection of Koch
Thomas P. Koch uses words like “incompetent” and “failure” to berate the mayor he wants to unseat. To those who know him, it’s an uncharacteristic tone. Friends describe the 44-year-old with words such as compassionate, charitable, warm - not tough. Oct. 27

YOUR VIEWS: Letters about the Race
More letters from readers about the candidates and issues of the Quincy mayoral race Oct. 27

Attacks between candidates get personal at debate
The two mayoral candidates sharply attacked each other’s integrity in a televised debate that dragged in-laws and campaign supporters into the fray. Oct. 25

Asian Republicans to hold council forum
The Asian Republicans of Massachusetts will hold a forum Monday, Oct. 29, for candidates for city council. Oct. 25

Quincy School Committee: Everything you should know before you vote
Detailed information about school committe candidates and the issues that matter to them. Oct. 23

Two weeks before election, Phelan discloses headway in downtown building plans
Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. has agreed to keep its headquarters in Quincy Center, and the city will begin brokering a potentially massive redevelopment of its downtown with an urban design firm aligned with the supermarket giant, Mayor William Phelan said. OCt. 23

Quincy hopefuls bare their differences at Ledger editorial board
With the Nov. 6 election two weeks off, Koch and Mayor William Phelan met separately on Monday with The Patriot Ledger editorial board. The discussions were wide-ranging, and the candidates offered their views on issues from economic development to the city’s growing diversity.

Phelan: My job in city not done yet
Mayor William J. Phelan never intended to stay this long. No more than a term or two. That’s what he told park commissioner Tom Koch shortly after his election six years ago. He even urged him to run. Oct. 20

YOUR VIEWS: More letters to the editor
Read all of the letter to the editor about the Quincy elections that didn't fit in the paper. Oct 18

Hot mayoral contest sparks rise in voter registerations
The number of registered voters in the city climbed to more than 53,500 as the deadline passed on Wednesday to register for the Nov. 6 election. Oct. 18

Candidates spar on education at debate; Koch says Quincy schools failed fire checks
Taking a tough tone, Tom Koch called Mayor William Phelan “incompetent” for letting high school construction costs climb $46 million and asked why several of the city’s public schools have continually “failed” fire-safety inspections. Oct. 17

Koch retaliates against mayor’s ‘innuendo’ campaign
Thomas Koch is firing back at Mayor William Phelan for saying some of his supporters are crooked. Oct. 16

Asian residents quiz candidates
The city’s Asian residents quizzed candidates on issues ranging from social services to overcoming language barriers at Quincy’s first bilingual candidates forum. Oct. 15

Senior services director resigns; says he was "kept in dark" by Phelan
Elder Services Director Thomas F. Clasby Jr. resigned Tuesday to protest being largely “kept in the dark” on Mayor William Phelan’s plans for the city’s first senior center. Oct. 10

First candidates forum in Quincy history with Cantonese translation set for Saturday
Edward and Janet Liang have lived in the city for 30 years but they are just now getting excited about Quincy politics. That’s because on Saturday they’ll be hearing from candidates for mayor, city council and school committee in a language they fully understand. Oct. 12

Quincy mayoral contenders spar over environment
Mayor William Phelan and election challenger Tom Koch assumed their stances on the environment, reciting their green achievements and arguing over the bygone proposal to build a high school on an industrial landfill. Oct. 10

Quincy City Hall hit by burglary; nothing taken
Police are still searching for a suspect in a break-in into city hall. Officials say nothing appears to have been tampered with inside the building. Oct. 8

Mayor candidates take mild approach: Phelan cites record; Koch sees need for leadership in city
How will you improve traffic? What should be built to replace the North Quincy commuter parking lot? Where do your kids go to school? Residents at Thursday night’s candidates forum in Wollaston lightly peppered Mayor William Phelan and challenger Tom Koch with questions and heard from candidates for school committee and the city council’s at-large seats. Oct. 5

Timing, location of mayor’s plan to build senior center questioned
The city’s top advocate for seniors and the park board’s longest serving member are both raising concerns about Mayor William Phelan’s plan to convert the Richard J. Koch complex into Quincy’s first senior center. Oct. 03

Placards proliferate as politicians make their pitches
By the time a blue boat with “Koch” painted on its hull appeared bobbing in Quincy Harbor, most of the city’s streets had already been divided and conquered by the two mayoral campaigns. Oct. 3

Debate Schedule
A shedule of debates for candidates for mayor, council and school board positions Oct. 1

Mayoral, city council, school board hopefuls in Quincy gear for debates
The city kicks off a monthlong series of debates this week, giving voters several opportunities to hear what the candidates have to say about education, the environment, taxes, crime and more. Oct. 1

DIRT, RUMORS & RELATIVES: It’s a fact that Phelan and Koch have deep family ties in Quincy
Pick any big department in Quincy’s government and you’re bound to find someone related – by blood or by marriage – to one of the candidates for mayor. Sept. 29

Logue: Downtown project will cost taxpayers<
Plans to demolish buildings in Quincy Center for a wider downtown-revitalization project threaten to leave taxpayers temporarily on the hook for lost tax revenue, city council candidate Jennifer Logue said Wednesday. Sept. 27

Quincy mayor to ask for more time as deadline approaches for health care proposal
Quincy’s public employee unions say they need more time to study a proposal to join an insurance plan through the state, so Mayor William Phelan says he will seek to push back the enrollment deadline by two months. Sept. 24

Teachers back Koch for mayor in Quincy; Union seeks ‘change in climate’ after dispute with Phelan
The executive board of the Quincy Education Association has endorsed mayoral candidate Tom Koch over incumbent William Phelan. Sept. 25

Unions are open to state health plan but want more time
Heads of the city’s major unions publicly resisted Mayor William Phelan’s push to convert to a state-run health insurance plan, saying a short deadline has left workers virtually no time to grasp how the change would affect them. Sept. 25

Three dates set for mayoral debates
Mayor William Phelan and challenger Tom Koch have agreed to debates on Oct. 16 and 24 and Nov. 1.

Koch blasts Phelan on development
Thomas Koch outlined what he would do if elected mayor to end development of condominiums and townhouses in neighborhoods and improve traffic flow in the city. Sept. 18

Deadline to join state health plan is Oct. 1
City union employees and the city council have less than a month to decide if they want to join the plan July 1. Sept. 5

Posting of political signs in Quincy draws controversy
Quincy resident forced to remove political signs after being told they were posted too early. Sept. 8

Strike wounds still healing: Classes resume in Quincy on Wednesday after a bitter teacher contract battle
On Wednesday, nearly three months after the first teachers’ strike in the state in more than a decade, teachers, students and families will be back in the classrooms. But that doesn’t mean life will be back to normal in the schools. Sept. 4

Aftermath of Quincy teachers strike will go on for years, at least financially
How much the teachers union has to pay of the $150,000 court-imposed fine for ignoring a back-to-work order is still under debate, as is how much the union owes the city for the costs of the strike. Sept. 4

Mayoral debate becomes slugfest
Mayor William Phelan linked his challenger, Tom Koch, to problems in the administration of former Mayor James Sheets while Koch charged Phelan with mismanaging the Quincy High School construction project. Aug. 22

Candidates for school board at odds over teacher pact
School committee members up for re-election defended the contract signed with teachers in June as fair to them and taxpayers, while one candidate for the board said the four-day strike at the end of the school year reflected a lack of leadership. Aug. 15

Mayor hopefuls agree on drug problem, but not on policy
Mayor William Phelan refers to it as the issue of drug use’’ in the city. Tom Koch, who is campaigning against Phelan, prefers stronger language: spiraling drug problem. Aug. 9

2 Chinese-Americans bid to be first on council
If either Victor Ng or Jimmy Liang is sitting at the city council table come January, he will have achieved a first in Quincy: an Asian-American getting elected to public office. July 21

TEACHER STRIKE FALLOUT - It’s all about how mayoral hopefuls spin it
Political analysts say that fallout from the teacher strike will no doubt impact the mayoral campaigns, even with the election still five months off. But whether Tom Koch or William Phelan stand to gain long-term will depend heavily on how the candidates frame the issue once the dust settles. June 16

Phelan makes it official: He’ll run again
Mayor William Phelan has been in office for more than five years. But at the kick-off last night for his bid for a fourth term, he portrayed himself as someone who continues to fight city hall insiders to stand up for ordinary citizens. Apr. 27

COMMENTARY - City employee benefits: Toward a fair solution
Mayor William Phelan writes about balancing the city's financial needs with employee demands for benefits. Apr. 16

Koch says taxpayer money used to print campaign brochure; Phelan links opponent to past scandals
Mayor William Phelan’s political opponent accused him of squandering public money on 50,000 campaign’’ brochures mailed out with the yearly census. The mayor’s office was quick to call the accusation groundless and retaliated with a harsh attack against opponent Tom Koch, saying the criticism was odd coming from someone ‘‘spawned’’ from an administration that was rife with scandal and fiscal mismanagement. Mar. 13

Diversity scarce in local government
Despite increasing populations of black and Asian residents, whites continue to have a firm grip on power in Quincy, Randolph and many other suburbs with substantial minority populations. Feb. 6

OUR VIEW: A race in Quincy
Getting elected has gotten easier and easier over the years for Quincy Mayor William Phelan. Too easy, the last time around. In 2001, newcomer Phelan overcame a lack of political experience to squeak by longtime Mayor James Sheets by just 17 votes. Jan. 30

Park commissioner to run for mayor
Quincy’s longtime park commissioner, Thomas Koch, has resigned to run for mayor against his boss. Koch is the first candidate to get into the race against Mayor William J. Phelan, who has breezed through two re-election campaigns. Jan. 24

Progress report: Phelan says long-planned projects get under way in 2007
In his midterm address, Mayor William Phelan predicted that a series of long-awaited, pivotal projects will materialize in 2007. Significant projects that have been planned, debated, discussed for the past 30 years will become reality. Jan. 3


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