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Kay beats McPherson by 'surprising margin'
Sue Kay defeated Colin McPherson to become, by a wide margin that surprised both candidates, the second mayor in Weymouth’s history Tuesday night. Nov. 6

Where to vote in Quincy, Braintree and Weymouth

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Weymouth’s Colin McPherson went from high school athlete to accountant to candidate for mayor.
Colin McPherson entered Northeastern University in the late 1970s looking to pursue a career in journalism. He was impressed with the effect newspapers had on the nation in covering the Watergate scandal. Oct. 26

CANDIDATE PROFILE Sue Kay: Southie girl overcomes shyness
Sue Sullivan was a shy girl, the middle child of parents who raised five children on East 5th Street in South Boston. Oct. 25

Lt. gov, two state reps back Kay for mayor of Weymouth
Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Tim Murray and Democratic state reps. James Murphy of Weymouth and Joseph Driscoll of Braintree have endorsed Sue Kay for mayor of Weymouth. Oct. 25

Debate features heated words about transition from current administration
The candidates for mayor made their final televised pitches to voters on Monday night, in a debate that featured heated exchanges and a complaint from one candidate that the format was unfair. Oct. 23

Madden, Hedlund endorse McPherson in mayor’s race
Weymouth Mayor David Madden and state Sen. Robert Hedlund have endorsed Colin McPherson in the race to become the second mayor in the town’s history. Oct. 18

Library controversy:Fogg won’t be used as office space
These are some of the terms town officials are using to describe an urban design company’s suggestion to include office space in a revamped Fogg Library in South Weymouth, a beloved historic building. Oct. 17

As inaugural Greenbush run nears, town council barraged with flood of concerns
With only two weeks left before the Greenbush commuter rail line begins running again, the effect of the project on Weymouth was the subject of red-hot discussion before the town council. Oct. 16

Madden, Hedlund endorse McPherson in mayor’s race
Weymouth Mayor David Madden and state Sen. Robert Hedlund have endorsed Colin McPherson in the race to become the second mayor in the town’s history. Oct. 10

Mayor candidates differ on on charter reform
The two candidates for mayor differ on what should happen to the document that created the very seat they are seeking. Oct. 9

Candidates test each other at East Weymouth Neighborhood forum
Colin McPherson sought to put Sue Kay on the defensive early when responding to a question about a proposed affordable housing project on Pond Street that may be supported by Community Preservation Act money. Kay defended her position on the project and the preservation act. Sept. 28

Hot air on the campaign trial — high-flying candidates to get a lift in balloon
Sue Kay and Colin McPherson plan to take a ride in a hot air balloon during Saturday’s Weymouth Day celebration. Sept. 25

Kay, McPherson contrast in subtle ways
Weymouth voters will go to the polls in November to choose between two mayoral candidates who, at least until now, appear to differ only in subtle ways. Sept. 20

Two candidates for mayor to ride hot air balloon at Weymouth Day
The candidates to become Weymouth’s next mayor, Sue Kay and Colin McPherson, could be the first to board a hot air balloon that will go up as part of Saturday’s Weymouth Day celebration. Sept. 25

Town takes first step toward suing MBTA
A list of outstanding issues has compelled the town council to take the first step toward a lawsuit against the MBTA for not living up to an agreement with the town. Sept. 25

Kay, McPherson voted to final round in race for Weymouth mayor
It’s down to Sue Kay and Colin McPherson in the race to become the second mayor in Weymouth’s history. Sept. 19

Mayoral hopefuls debate at a crowded town hall
The six candidates for Weymouth mayor touted their resumes and emphasized their priorities Monday night in the first and likely only debate of the preliminary election season. Sept. 11

Race for mayor gaining speed
The six candidates vying to become Weymouth’s second mayor were unveiled to the public as a group for the first time Thursday night at the town’s main library. About 50 residents attended the candidates night, a turnout that heartened those running and some in attendance. Sept. 7

Mayor to forgo a new plan for Legion Field; leave it for successor
Mayor David Madden says he will not submit a second design for a Legion Field recreation and sports field area after his first plan provoked protest and was voted down by the town council. Sept. 1

Mayor’s race shaping up
Two potential candidates to become Weymouth’s second mayor made their intentions clear Monday on the eve of the deadline to turn in the signatures needed to compete in next month’s primary. Colin McPherson, a former town councilor and one of two Weymouth representatives on the board of South Shore Tri-Town Development Corp., confirmed he will run for mayor. But Police Chief James Thomas, who surprised many when took out papers earlier this month, said he has decided not to run. Aug. 14

Kay in, Molisse out
Town Councilor Michael Molisse, who was being watched closely as a potential candidate for mayor, says he will instead run for re-election to the council. Councilor-at-large Sue Kay, who works as executive secretary in Braintree. Councilor-at-large Sue Kay, who works as executive secretary in Braintree, has confirmed she is running for mayor. Aug. 9

Town councilor reveals he won’t run for mayor; another says he won’t run at all
The town's political landscape changed slightly Wednesday as Town Councilor Kevin Whitaker revealed he is not running for mayor, and Councilor Greg Shanahan said he will not seek election to any office. Aug. 2

Police chief considers run for mayor: Hedlund says he won’t
Two weeks after former fire chief David Madden disclosed he was stepping down after two terms, Police Chief James Thomas took out papers from the town clerk’s office to gather signatures for a potential run at mayor. State Sen. Robert Hedlund, who was being closely watched as a possible candidate, said he will not run. July 28

Madden won't seek third term
The town’s first mayor has announced after eight years in office that he will not run for re-election this year. David Madden said he does not feel he can devote his full energy to another four years in the office. July 11

Brian McDonald in the running
Former state Sen. Brian McDonald is officially in the race for one of five councilor-at-large seats. Aug. 16

Primaries needed for mayor, district councilor
Primary elections will be held next month in the races for mayor and a district council seat representing North Weymouth. Aug. 15

Speculation heats up after Madden decides against running
As word spreads that Mayor David Madden will not run for re-election this year, speculation is rampant about who will make a bid to become the second mayor in Weymouth’s history. July 14

Town's next mayor will face host of issues
The town's next mayor will have plenty to do. That's the consensus that emerged as town officials and observers digested the news that David Madden, Weymouth's first mayor, will not run for re-election this year. Replacing Madden will be a challenge, residents said. July 12.

Shanahan to run for councilor-at-large
Town Councilor Greg Shanahan will vacate his seat representing North Weymouth to run for councilor-at-large. June 15


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