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Gifts with Sizzle

By Matthew M. F. Miller

Ina Garten chooses kitchen basics over oddball contraptions for your registry.  

Before you register for a mango slicer, find out what tools the Barefoot Contessa deems kitchen essentials.

Weddings are the one time in your life where people go to great lengths to get you exactly what you need. But for most couples it’s about more than what is needed: from iPods to mango slicers, modern couples pepper their registries with a flurry of non-traditional items, as well.

“Setting up a bridal registry is an opportunity to start with the best of everything,” says Bari Fagin of Bed Bath & Beyond.

Kitchen equiptment, however, is the one area where you might regret going outside your comfort zone by choosing the shiny asparagus steamer over the more pedestrian, traditional cookie sheets.

Ina Garten, host of the Food Networks "The Barefoot Contessa" suggests these must-haves for your registry:

  1. Braun electric juicer
  2. Stainless steel mixing bowls from 2 quarts to 8 quarts
  3. Cuisinart food processor
  4. Parchment paper
  5. 12 x 18 x 11/2-inch stainless steel sheet pans
  6. Good-quality knives; one paring, one 8-inch chef’s, one serrated blade
  7. Rasp zester
  8. KitchenAid electric mixer
  9. Oven thermometer
  10. 10-and 12-inch All-Clad sauté pans

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