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Eminem After the Entree?

By Laura Davis


Do I have to tailer my music choice to suit my guests?

Q: My fiancé and I love going out to clubs and know our friends are excited to dance all night long at our wedding. Our moms are insisting that our relatives will be offended by some of our favorite songs. Both of them want us to play “traditional” wedding music. I say that this is our wedding and the DJ should play the music that best reflects us. Am I right?

A: When you bring together a group of people as diverse as wedding guests – from early twenty-year-olds to late eighty-year-olds – you’re going to find a wide range of tastes. Music can make or break the reception so you should take the comfort of all your guests into consideration.

Preparation can help. A good DJ will ask you about the types of people attending your wedding, and for good reason. If you only stick to one genre of music, you risk alienating an entire group who may end up leaving the reception early. Ask your DJ to start off the night with music to get all of your guests onto the dance floor and slowly transition throughout the night. Your older guests will generally leave about halfway though the reception. At that time, the DJ can play the club music for you and your friends until the very last dance.

Laura David, the founder of Laura Davis Weddings, is a wedding consultant in Berkley, Mich. Visit her Web site at

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